A late winter blog

Now where were we? Oh yeah, 'Domestic'. That was the name of the album I finished in December.  We toured it between 8 February and 8 March. The reviews were generous and the shows well received. Things seemed to be going well. Then on 15 March, the music industry died. Oh well. By mid-April the stress of being an unemployed folksinger/living room school teacher got too much for me, so I took another job in Afghanistan. While I've been doing that, my friends Kiki and Alfred rebuilt this website for me. How do you like it? I think its quite smart. No gigs listed on the tour page so I'm "all dressed up with no place to go" as they say in the classics. I have been writing a bit - songs that is. If they are any good, and if the world recommences, and if that world still has a use for songs, I look forward to playing them to you. There are three big 'ifs' in this proposition, but as Pablo Casals once said: "the situation is hopeless, must take the next step". Hope to see you on the other side.